Syndromes or Disease Entities That Have Been Associated with Polycystic Ovaries

·        Hyperandrogenism

o        Steroidogenic enzyme deficiencies

§         Congenital adrenal hyperplasia

§         Aromatase deficiency

o        Androgen-secreting tumors

§         Ovarian

§         Adrenal

o        Exogenous androgens

§         Anabolic steroids

§         Transsexual hormone replacement

o        Other

§         Acne

§         Idiopathic hirsutism

·        Hyperandrogenism and Insulin Resistance

o        Congenital

§         Type A syndrome

§         Type B syndrome

§         Leprechaunism

§         Lipoatrophic diabetes

§         Rabson-Mendenhall syndrome

§         Polycystic ovary syndrome

o        Acquired

§         Cushing's syndrome

·      Insulin Resistance

o        Glycogen storage diseases

o        Type 2 diabetes

·      Other

o        Central nervous system

§         Trauma/lesions

§         Hyperprolactinemia

o        Nonhormonal medications

§         Valproate

o        Heriditary angioedema

o        Bulimia

o        Idiopathic (includes normoandrogenic women with cyclic menses)


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