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Diagnostic Criteria for Multiple Myeloma

Presence of an M-componenta in serum and/or urine plus clonal plasma cells in the bone marrow and/or a documented clonal plasmacytoma

PLUS one or more of the following:b

  • Calcium elevation (>11.5 mg/dl) [>2.65 mmol/l]

  • Renal insufficiency (creatinine >2 mg/dl) [177 mmol/l or more]

  • Anemia (hemoglobin <10 g/dl or 2 g/dl <normal) (hemoglobin <12.5 mmol/lc or 1.25 mmol/l <normal)

  • Bone disease (lytic lesions or osteopenia)

aIn patients with no detectable M-component, an abnormal serum FLC ratio on the serum FLC assay can substitute and satisfy this criterion. For patients, with no serum or urine M-component and normal serum  FLC ratio, the baseline bone marrow must have >10% clonal plasma  cells; these patients are referred to as having ‘non-secretory myeloma’. Patients with biopsy-proven amyloidosis and/or systemic light chain deposition disease (LCDD) should be classified as ‘myeloma with documented amyloidosis’ or ‘myeloma with documented LCDD,’ respectively if they have >30% plasma cells and/or myeloma-related bone disease.

bMust be attributable to the underlying plasma cell disorder.

cNote: Hemoglobin of 10 g/dl is 12.5 mmol/l [or 100 g/l].


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Created: June 17, 2007
Last Modified: 10/23/2010

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