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Diagnostic Criteria for Diastolic Heart Failure

Diastolic heart failure is defined as a condition caused by increased resistance to the filling of one or both ventricles; this leads to symptoms of congestion from the inappropriate upward shift of the diastolic pressure-volume relation.

Definitive diastolic heart failure

Probable diastolic heart failure*

Possible diastolic heart failure

Definitive evidence of congestive heart failure

Same as definitive

Same as definitive




Objective evidence of normal left ventricular systolic function in proximity of event

Same as definitive

Left ventricular ejection fraction of 50 percent or more not measured within 72 hours of event




Objective evidence of left ventricular diastolic dysfunction§

No conclusive information on left ventricular diastolic function

Same as probable

*- Patients who have definitive evidence of congestive heart failure and objective evidence of normal left ventricular systolic function in proximity of event are accepted as having probable diastolic heart failure provided that mitral valve disease, cor pulmonale, primary volume overload, and noncardiac causes are excluded.

- Clinical symptoms and signs, supporting chest radiography, typical clinical response to diuretics with or without elevated left ventricular filling pressure, or low cardiac index.

- Left ventricular ejection fraction of 50 percent or more within 72 hours of event.

§- Abnormal left ventricular relaxation or filling or distensibility indices on catheterization.


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Created: July 11, 2006
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