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Indications for Arthroscopic Examination in the Knee


Indications for arthroscopic examination in the knee include the following:

  1. Acute hemarthrosis
  2. Meniscus injuries
  3. Foreign bodies
  4. Selected tibial plateau fractures
  5. Patellar chondromalacia or malalignment (or both)
  6. Chronic synovitis
  7. Knee instability
  8. Recurrent effusions
  9. Chondral and osteochondral fractures


Partly because of experience with arthroscopy, a specific diagnosis of the type of knee injury can now usually be made preoperatively. A specific diagnosis can then be confirmed, expanded, or revised, and treatment can be rendered as needed.


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Created: May 21, 2005
Last Modified: 10/17/2010

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